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Gambaletto family

Gambaletto family

Gambaletto wine is family homestead for wine and olive oil production situated in a small istrian village Brajki, near Buje. The long tradition of the family homestead, which had its name from a family nickname, was started by Aldo Činić and continued by his son Ecio. 1996 was a very significated year for the development of Gambaletto wine because then it started an intensitive planting of new and restoration of old plantations.

Wine tasting room

You can spend your valuable time in a cozy istrian ambient and take the opportunity to taste traditional istrian products such as wine and olive oil. Tastings we do by appointment.

Wine tasting room

The tasting room is full of recieved awards and recognitions from various festivals and events of which we highlight the gold medal from th 8th International event of olive in Split.


Today, our vineyard lies on six acres of land, olive grove on the other six, and on them are over 22 000 vines and 2 000 olive trees with a tendency to spread in both fields.


On the Gambaletto wine vineyard are grown indigenous varieties of Malvasia, Yellow Muscat, Teran and Merlot, and annually produces about 300 hectoliters of wine of exceptional quality. Gambaletto wine also produce an excellent extra-virgin olive oil, and the varieties represented are Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Bjelica, Moraiolo and Maurin.



This type of wine is produced from the Malvasia grape. It's kind of yellow color, maceration - fermentation of 3-6 days, aged 6-12 months in wooden oak barrels of 500 liters. Serve at a temperature of 14 ℃.



This type of wine is produced from the Merlot grape. It's kind of black color, maceration - fermentation of 8-10 days, aged 6-12 months in oak wood barrels of 500 liters. Serve at a temperature of 16-18 ℃.


This type of wine produced from grape varieties Teran. It's kind of red ruby color, maceration - fermentation of 10-12 days, aged in wooden oak barrels of 500 liters. Serve at a temperature of 18-20 ℃.

Olive oil

Our oil is produced mechanically, cold pressed and top quality. We produce Bjelica and Leccino varietal oils. Other varieties such as Pendolino, Frantoio, Maurin and Moraiolo we mix and then we get a unique brand of oil.

We fill in bottles of 0.5 and 0.25, and cans of 5 liters.

Olive oil

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We have participated on the fifteenth anniversary of olive oil manifestation called "Oleum Olivarum" that took place from 10. to 11.03. in Krasici near Buie, which is also one of the oldest of its kind in Croatia. Fair attendance is increasing from year to year.


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Family homestead Činić
Wine and olive oil production
Brajki 103, Krasica
52460 Buje

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